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Wedding Band For Oddly Shaped Engagement Ring

Wedding Band For Oddly Shaped Engagement Ring

I started to look into wedding bands but my ring is an odd shape :(. It's hard to tell in the picture for the halo around the diamond (which is a round cut)it an .
I have decided on an engagement ring, but am second-guessing because it will need to have a non-circular band. Here is a link to the ring plus the wedding .
Round Center Draped Gallery Solitaire Engagement RingEngagement Rings – This solitaire engagement ring features a round center stone, draped diamond .
Those of you with twisted/crossed-over/otherwise non-standard-shaped engagement rings – are you getting a specially shaped wedding ring to .
While some wedding bands are designed specifically to match the engagement ring they're worn with, others vary in the way they fit with different types and .
These rings were historically worn alone, so their shapes and designs are. Some vintage engagement rings are available with a matching wedding ring as part .
Our extensive range of shaped wedding rings includes both plain shaped rings and diamond-set designs. Each ring has a slightly different shape so that it can .
Shaping wedding bands – how we can help. One of the most common. unusual shaped engagement rings with matching fit wedding band. Sometimes our .

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