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Engagement Wedding Band Order

Engagement Wedding Band Order

Confused about what ring goes first? Wedding rings or engagement? The advice presented in this article will ensure you always wear your rings accordingly.
Some wear the engagement ring first, and wedding band on top following the order that the rings were given, you get engaged, then you get married.
There is actually a wonderful sentiment behind how wedding sets should be worn. The idea is that you wear your wedding band closest to your heart – first on  .
Wear the engagement ring on the left hand during the ceremony but discreetly switch the order of the rings between the ceremony and reception, if desired.
Engagement, wedding and eternity rings (which way round). (14 Posts). I wear my wedding ring, engagement ring then eternity ring in that order. That's the .
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i always put them on in the order i got them, eternity ring, engagment ring, wedding ring.i don't think. Wedding band then engagement ring.

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